NATO and Europe after the Wales Summit

Instability in the   European   Neighbourhood raises,   once   again,   uncomfortable   questions   about   Europe's   strategic dependence  on  the  US.

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Achilles, the Tortoise and CSDP

Europe needs to get its act together, and to do so on its own terms before President Obama steps down and the EU becomes a noisy but ineffectual onlooker.

Overcoming the Romain Gary Syndrome

On 28 August 1954, French novelist Romain Gary took to the UN press pulpit to advocate the creation of a European defence community.

Defence Industrial Policy in Belgium and The Netherlands

Where Belgium and the Netherlands are concerned, it may be improper to refer to a national defence industrial policy as such.

Defence Budgets and Cooperation in Europe, Trends and Investments

What are the current trends in European defence spending and cooperation, and what are the resulting opportunities for collaboration?

Trois blessures européennes

Copernic, Darwin et la psychanalyse : Sigmund Freud distinguait les trois tournants qui auront forcé l'homme à douter de sa place dans l'univers.

Ranimer l'Europe

Les dirigeants européens ont échoué à construire un modèle qui puisse faire bénéficier les citoyens des fruits de l'ouverture, sans ses impuissances.

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