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The European Strategic Observatory

Have you been wondering how to compare what European countries think of migration, terrorism, global warming or Russian power? It's all here. The aim of the Observatory is to offer a clear empirical picture of how foreign, security and defence policy works across Europe. To this end, it makes available a host of previously unavailable data on European security, in an open and user-friendly way.

The Observatory's goal is to be a helpful, robust repository of data for security professionals, policymakers, academics and anyone who might be interested in Europe's role on the global stage. It aims to encourage more evidence-based policymaking in matters of strategy.

The Observatory therefore attempts to tease out divergences and convergences, to map strategic thinking, strategic perceptions and priorities, and to identify the blockers and levers of a European strategic culture. It looks at how they trickle down to planning, budgets and operations – or conversely, how means and resources trickle up to strategies. We hope you enjoy the tour.


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